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    TOK Domain Name Changing
    Dear TOK Customers,


    Because our internet supporting company had been closed suddenly, and we will have
    no channels to renew our domain “tokfixing.com” after it is expired in Mar of 2017.
    To avoid the communication problem when email address is out of service next
    year, we hereby to declare to change all the email address from ****@tokfixing.com 
    to ****@tokfix.com; and all the name will kept the same as before.
    For example,sales@tokfixing.com will be changed to sales@tokfix.com. 
    Also, our website will be changed from www.tokfixing.com to www.tokfix.com.


    The old emailbox and website will keep available until Mar of 2017, and after
    one month’s protection time we will try to get the domain name of “tokfixing.com”
    back again by application from our new internet supporting agent.


    Please be kindly noted and thanks for your concerns.


    Please check the formal documents of this notice as attached.
    This modification is limited only for our domain name used for our email address
    and website, there is not any change for our bank account used to receive the payment.
    Please do noted.


    If there is any doubts for further verification, please call +86 574 22683288
    / +86 574 62579510  or fax to +86 574 22680488.